West Park Radiops Amateur Radio Club
Supporting North Olmsted, Ohio, Scouts in their

June 7, 2008

Pictures by Glenn, AF8C

More photos are on N8WS site


Red cap, Al, N8CX

Yellow shirt, Bill, N8LXY

Plaid, Bill's OM Virden, KD8UN

White shirt, Egon, AB8HY

Settling in. N8LXY was our guest.

It's almost 1 p.m. and the scouts are due any time now

Bill N8WS, his pictures are on his site

It's a hard life so let's talk about it, and talk about, and talk about it

Trailer and vertical 28AVT/WB worked great on 20 phone into AL QSO party

W8VM flag

That's where they are still rag chewing

Inside view, Kenwood TS430S

These kids were here last year

Getting advice from the old man

More scouts showed up and then we showed them a typical QSO

Team viewing of Dave's 'Vette after the event was over

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